Simply Aroma and My Passion for Aromatherapy

I love essential oils so I joined Simply Aroma

Since early 2001 I have been obsessed with aromatherapy, holistic health, and essential oils. My family thought I was crazy; my own mom called me a voodoo doctor.  I scoured the internet, can you say dial up? I searched high and low across the US for my essential oils, never quite sure of the quality. And with essential oils, quality is EVERYTHING!

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Fast forward 13 years, I am now married with two babies. And finally my obsession has gone main stream, I couldn’t be happier! It is not the complete “norm” yet, but I am steps ahead of how to take care of me children in an all-natural way, and it has gotten even easier now for me to do it because I found Simply Aroma.

Simply Aroma is a direct selling company and I was ecstatic when I found them. They are the first direct sell essential oil company with a company paid hostess program.  I joined the company while they were still in the pre-launch phase, so I now have the amazing title of Genesis Consultant, yeah me! To top all this off, I get to buy my essential oils and oil blends at wholesale prices for myself, as well as share my obsession for holistic healing and preventative measures with my friends, family, and yes strangers.

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Launch date is set for January 6, just a couple of days and we will launch with a minimum amount of oils and blends. I am so excited and can’t wait to share my journey with you all. I would love for you to host a party either online or in your home. If you chose a home party, we can even make something fun like bath salts or bath fizzes.  Or you can even join my team and grow your own empire while make money and having fun.

You will be able to buy them at

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Thank you for listening and have a great day! ~Tarrah

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