I signed a new Plexus Ambassador

Since starting my new Plexus business, I have been nothing but surprised at each turn. I have been surprised it really worked and helped me lose weight.  Then surprised it has been so easy to share my success with others and sell products. And now I was surprised again that I was able to sign up a new Plexus ambassador.

How to become a Plexus Ambassador

As far as becoming a Plexus Ambassador, I walked her through the few steps on the computer and poof we were done. I took her to my website, www.PlexusSlimOfHouston.com and clicked the button that says “Become an Ambassador.” It only cost $34.95 to join the Plexus team. When you join, the company gives you one opportunity to purchase product at a deeper discount than usual, but it’s not mandatory. I purchased one because of course the product was what I wanted to begin with.

Becoming a Plexus Ambassador to Save Money

There are two prices available in the packages, either $99.95 or $199.95. If you are joining to save money, you can do the $99.95 price and the package that includes 1- 30 day supply of Plexus Slim, 1- 30 day supply of Plexus Accelerator, and 2- 3 day trial packs, plus $34.95 to join and shipping will be about $147. And this will provide you the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale prices for an entire year. All for only about $20 more that buying retail. But if you can sell the 2- 3 day trial packs for $11.95 each, you will have actually made a couple dollars.

And if this is as far as you want to go with Plexus, you can absolutely do that. There are no minimum requirements as far as sales or recruiting necessary.

Becoming a Plexus Ambassador to Make Money

If you’re joining the Plexus team to not only get healthy and lose weight, but to make money as well, then a larger package would be a great option. Currently there is a package for $199.95 that contains 3- 30 day supplies of Plexus Slim and 3- 30 day supplies of Plexus Accelerator. This allows you to start one combo, and sell the other two. When you sell the two combos, it will almost pay for the entire package including your combo.

The last step in signing up to be an ambassador is choosing an auto-qualification. While auto-qualification is not mandatory to be an ambassador, there is a 100 minimum a month in personal volume to earn commissions and bonuses. The auto-qualification is there to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to earn money. It will automatically ship you, your choice of packages if you do not have the $100 in personal volume by the 24th of each month. If you have $100 in personal volume either from someone buying from your website or from your own personal purchases from your website at wholesale.

How Signing a Plexus Ambassador Made Me Money

Each time a Plexus Ambassador purchases a package when they join, half of that money goes back to the company, and the other half is divided up. The signing Plexus ambassador gets 50% of the remaining money, and then 25%, 15%, and 10% goes to the next three qualified upline ambassadors. So today when I singed my new awesome recruit, I earned about $50. Then the next three ambassadors above me earned $25, $15, and $10 respectively.

So When Do I Get Paid?

Plexus generally pays out five times a month. Bonuses for Plexus ambassador sign ups get paid out the following Fridays, and commissions get paid out the following month on the 15th. This is so exciting because I am starting to earn money from something I only joined to save money.

So in conclusion…

I am losing weight and making money. I couldn’t be more shocked, surprised, and happy about the life changing transformations that are happening in my life because of Plexus. I am projecting about $500 this month in commissions and bonuses this month and I couldn’t be happier. I even think I will make my projected weight loss goal. I can’t wait to see what next month with Plexus will bring me.

I *heart* Plexus

Senior Ambassador


plexus ambassador

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