Enjoy Happy Hour Even on a Diet

Missing your happy hour fun time? Well miss out no longer, you can still enjoy happy hour and be mindful of your calorie intake. For many of us, happy hour is our social time so don’t avoid time out with your friends because you are to worried about your diet or numbers on a scale.

Enjoy Happy Hour

Here’s a couple great tips to save yourself an increase on the scale.

1. Never Come To Happy Hour Hungry

It’s the same thought as the grocery store. If you go in hungry, you’ll buy twice as much. Don’t show up to enjoy happy hour on an empty stomach thinking you will swap some of your daytime snack calories for an adult beverage. Eat regulary through out the day as you normally would, if you are truly concearned then add an extra work out that week.

2. Be Mindful of Any Mixers

You may think that sticking with hard liquor is your best low calorie option but what will you be mixing it with?? Soda? Fruit juice? Red Bull? Try using a low calorie alternative like diet soda or tonic.

3. Drink Your Dessert

Life is all about moderation so make a deal with yourself. Splurge and get your Pina Colada (one of my favs) instead of dessert. If everyone at your table is having dessert, save it and order it then!

enjoy happy hour

4. Skip a Round

No don’t get up and skip to your lou! Skip a round of drinks and opt for tonic or water every other round. Alcohol dehydrates your body anyway so stay hydrated and skip any nasty hangovers in the morning too. (Will also save you in your pocketbook.)

5. Make It a Skinny Version

Many bars and restaurants offer skinny versions of popular cocktails now. They are delicious and made usually with real fruit juice and some sugar substitute. My favorite mexican restaurant offers a wonderful skinny margarita.

Follow these tips and don’t miss out on happy hour. Still wanting some more options, light beer usually has 1/3 the calories of their counterparts, red wine has a little over 100 calories, and hard liquor generally has 100-200 calories.

I used to worry more about what I was drinking, just sticking to water and being the odd girl out many times. Lucky for me with Plexus I no longer have to worry about what I drink when I enjoy happy hour with my girls. I just drink my pink drink in the morning and have one less worry in my life. Which is a good thing with all the other worries I have. :)

Drink Pink -n- Shrink – Tarrah

(parts of this artice came from a great Weight Watchers article, they always have the best info on dieting)

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