Making Money and Losing Weight

Making Money with Plexus Slim

I just can’t belive it! I’m making money while I’m losing weight. My first month taking and selling Plexus Slim has been an uber success as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know what I’m more happy about, the 14 pounds I have lost in 30 days, or the surprising $101 I’ve made.

Making Money

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My 30 day Weight Loss Success

In just 30 short days I have lost 14 pounds. I own all my success to the little pink drink I take everyday after breakfast. Plexus Slim has been my saving grace and I find that already I feel better. My clothes are starting to get loose and people that I havn’t seen in a few weeks are starting to notice a difference. I can’t wait to see what a difference there will be if I can find the time to exersize. Right now the only exersize I get is chasing after my 2 year old son, but if you would meet him you would know that’s a lot right there. Also, it’s nice that I’m not depriving myself of my favorite foods.

Making Money Telling My Story

I’m starting to have people ask how could I possibly be losing weight, I must be starving myself or on some extreme exersize plan. They are amazed to learn of my little pink drink. It has made making a little money in my first month.

Making Money flying dollar

Now remember I only joined to save money. So when people are asking me about the business or about the product I’m eager to share and surprised that it’s been this easy. In my first month I’ve joined 1 additional ambassador and sold product three times.

The Plexus company is very generous in the compensation, even in the very begining. I’ve recieved commission for my personal purchases and sales and bonuses for recruiting and preferred buyers. It’s like being rewarded for losing weight.

Making Money with Plexus Worldwide

I am excited to learn and figure out all the ways Plexus rewards it’s ambassadors for selling this amazing product. There is the recruiting bonus you get when sign someone up. It is based on what package they buy when they start, but basically it’s either a $25 or $50 bonus if I sign them up. And If they sign someone up, I get an additional bonus. Then there are bonuses for selling the product at the preferred price. This means the customer agrees to monthly shipments and a cheaper price. Who wouldn’t do that? (Of course it can be cancelled if they want).

Then there is the commission part of making money with Plexus.

You make commission on all personal volume. Personal volume is anything you order yourself to take or sell, plus anything bought off your company website. Crazy huh? I made a commission on the Plexus Slim and Accelerator i bought to use for myself. I love this company. Commission between $100-499 is 15%, if you do over $500 you get 25%. That’s just incredible.

fist of dollars making money

There are several other ways to earn money also, I just havn’t gotten that far in the company. So as I earn and learn, you all will too!

I hope my little story here of losing weight and making money can inspire just one someone to make that change. If I can do it, so can you. I’m no one special, just an ordinary working mom that found inspiration in a new product.


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