The Road to Weight Loss Begins

Ah, the Good Old Days

I remember back before the days of diets and weight loss. I remember when I could eat what I wanted. I remember when I slept til 3pm went to bed at 5 or 6am. I looked good, had fun, and was a free spirit out in the world that revolved around me. I worked a little when I was needed at the flower shop, but mainly I partied.

Then I met my husband.

Wow did my life change. It happened so fast, meet fall in love, get engaged in just 6 months. At 30, and never pregnant despite a previous 10 year relationship, I was worried I couldn’t get pregnant. Well I got pregnant the first month so I guess it wasn’t a problem. And boy did I like being pregnant. I ate everything in sight because I loooove food, I would worry about the weight loss later. So by the time my first was born I had gained 100 lbs. So stupid!

Now my hubby has 3 other kids so I was good with one baby. And I kept telling myself, I’ll start my diet next month. But just 5 short months later I found myself pregnant again (yes I know how that happens) with quadruplets, scary. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage about 13-14 weeks (technically it was 2 miscarriages because it was 2 sets of twins) and so came the depression and eating to feel better.

After the doctor recommended 3 month wait, I was pregnant again. But this time at least I was a little smarter. I tried hard to eat reasonably, even though I was sick to my stomach the whole 9 months. I gained 27 lbs. I was very proud of myself.

Now my little baby is 7 months old I’ve lost his baby weight pretty easily (water weight, baby was almost 9 lbs) but I’m left the 80 or so pounds from baby #1. And here we are.

The Time is Now

I’ve always been a bigger girl, not fat but just bigger. I’m not petite, just short, and I was blessed/ cursed with a healthy bra size so I’m well proportioned. Oh and short waisted.

For 2 months I’ve been contemplating how to do this. I’ve seen Advocare a lot but just didn’t like all the pills, the cost, or the recommended diet. I love food, a lot, so a bird seed diet is not going to work for me. I finally decided on just baby steps in correcting my bad habits. I’m cutting out soda, I’m a Dr Pepper fiend. Seriously, sometimes I’d rather drink a Dr. P then eat a chocolate cake, it’s that bad of an obsession. I’m also going to cut down drive thrus, and cook more.

Here is my before shots. I don’t know what I weigh, but I will find a scale soon. And so we start are journey. Wish me luck. I have a long way to go.

And so the weight loss tips and tales of this crazy momma start. In addition to all the wonderful food and flower pictures, you will get to watch as my transformation (hopefully) takes place.

Night all.

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