I’ve Found Help with Plexus Slim

I was chatting with a friend this week, complementing him on him weight loss and asked how he was doing it. He said- Plexus Slim -and to call a mutual friend because that’s who he gets it from.

So I called her. She wasn’t there. I left a message and had to wait. It was a long 24 hours of waiting. Will this change my life I kept thinking or is it just another fad??

Not being one to be patient, I started researching that very night. How does Plexus Slim work? What are the ingredients? How much does Plexus Slim cost? How does Plexus Slim taste?

So by the time Courtney called me back I was well informed today. But I was impressed by her and her husband’s results. They both had lost over 20 lbs each in just three months. I was an easy sell after all my all night research session and even decided to become an ambassador (that’s what they call their salespeople.) So for $140 including shipping to start up I get the product, the membership, and the ability to buy at cost for a year. I don’t care if I sell one thing, I’ll get it cheaper, and hopefully this body will get smaller.

Plexus SLim

Plexus Slim Package

I will be taking two items. The Plexus Slim and the Accelerator. The plexus slim is an appetite suppressant you add to a bottle of water and drink in the morning. The accelerator is a pill you can take once or twice a day for energy.

Now I have to wait, did I mention I’m not a patient person. I ordered it today so I was told Monday or Tuesday it should be here. I can’t wait to get it in and start this new journey.

So for now, the tale from this crazy momma is on hold!

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