Flip Flop Baskets as Wedding Favors

Your Wedding Guests Will Flip for These Flops. Flip flop baskets are all the rage now!

I recently attended a fabulous wedding, and yes we did the flowers too so I knew exactly how long the Bride intended for the wedding to last. She wanted guests partying until the wee hours and having a blast and that is exactly what we all did. And I was amazed and thankful that about half way through the wedding, after the cake, toasts and when the good dance music started, servers came around with trays full of flip flops for the guests.

partyflops for flip flop baskets

In my opinion, that was a very thoughtful idea for the guests and I noticed that everyone on the dance floor had a pair on. Each pair was monnogrammed with couple’s name and wedding date, in cute bags with the sizes on them, and in the wedding colors. So  I started to scour the internet and saw that this trend is picking up some popularity. Of course I came across some brides who thought this idea was just ridiculous and thought it tacky to see guests in flip flops. Well to them I say women will take off their shoes reguardless, so why not provide a cute, safe way for them to enjoy your wedding. So many times at weddings when dancing is getting good, glass is broken and drinks are spilled. Safety first people! And well they’re cute too!

At the wedding I attended, her flip flops were custom so I found a place online that would do just that. They have some cute ones to choose from, so go check our Party Flops if you want to go that route.

I also read where brides were wanting to provide them for the guest but more on a DIY budget, so it’s up to you and how much effort/money you want to put in. Here’s a couple of DIY flip flop baskets, they are so cute and I love the details you can include when it’s a do it your self with love project.

pink and brown flip flop basket
Don’t for get to label the sizes
flip flop basket
Flip Flop basket by Laurie A Cute DIY

Flip Flop Basket Wedding Favor Tips / Hints

I learned a lot from brides posting how their flip flops baskets went over at their own weddings. I love how brides are so quick to share and help each other.

  • First, don’t forget about them and make sure they get used. Don’t put them in the bathroom or out as they are leaving so nobody knows about them. My suggestion would be right on the dance floor, or a table near the dance floor just for the baskets.
  • Second, label the sizes. Don’t make your guests dig through baskets and baskets just to find a pair that fit. I read where one bride even color coated the sizes, smalls were one colors, mediums the next color and so on. If you’re having a couple of baskets, label the baskets too.
  • And lastly, the sizes. Most brides commented that if they had any left, it was the smal sizes only. As far as how many of each size, this is what was about average and how they figured how many to buy. Generally, your guest will be 50/50 men a women. So take your number of guests and divide it by two, then multiply by 2/3. So about 2/3 of you female guest will change shoes.
For example: 300 guests
300/2 = 150  150 x 2/3 = 100
Then breaking down the sizes, this is what was average for the brides who posted what they bought. (in percentages %)
Size 6 – 5%
Size 7 – 30%
Size 8 – 35%
Size 9 – 20%
Size 10 – 5%
Size 11 – 5%
So back to our example of 300 guests, buying 100 pairs.
Size 6 – 5 pair
Size 7 – 30 pair
Size 8 – 35 pair
Size 9 – 20 pair
Size 10 – 5 pair
Size 11 – 5 pair
Remeber, that guests can always wear a bigger size if you run out of their size, but they can not wear a smaller size. And you know your guests, if more of them are tall, buy more bigger shoes, if more of them are short, buy more smaller shoes.
Many of the DIY brides either bought their flip flops for flip flop baskets at Old Navy when they have the big sale, Michaels, or the Dollar Tree. So this doesn’t have to be a bank breaker option, just your time and creativity. Beware though, if ordereing from the Dollar Tree, flip flops are mixed colors.
I hope this helps some brides. I’ve either given you a great idea, or at least some of the work for you.
This was a copy of an article I wrote on my flower shop blog. As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about flip flop baskets or other wedding topics.
Happy Flip Flop Shopping,
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