How to Make a Snowman Christmas Tree

Create your very own Snowman Christmas Tree Family

One of our companies at Enchanted Florist  has an annual Christmas party that we love to do because we get to step away from the red and gold monotony of most Christmas decorations and get creative.  This year’s party’s theme was classic black, white, and silver  and there’s rumors that next year will be purple. Each year they get a show stopping piece that employees usually use to take pictures besides. One of the showcase pieces this year though was the snowman Christmas tree family.

Snowman Christmas tree family

When creating a snowman Christmas tree man, women, or the whole family like I did here I think less is more, so no major decorations were used on the snowmen other than the accessories. The snowman was a 7 1/2′ white tree, the woman was a 6 1/2′ white tree, and the baby was a 4′ tree. Since we don’t usually use white trees in home decor, I bought cheaper trees. If its something you’ll use often, I would spend a little more and get a quality tree. Now, for the party we were on a limited time schedule (the whole party is set up in about 3 hours) so I didn’t get to finish out the trees like I would have wanted to, but with enough time I would have liked to shape the trees into round spheres for the body. The choice is yours on shaping.

Gather your items you’ll need for your snowman Christmas tree:

  • a white or flocked Christmas tree (any size)
  • head for your snowman- we found our heads at Big Lots
  • arms- for the snowman I used silver ting ting because they were long, just keep in mind you need something proportional to your tree (see below)
Gold ting ting for arms for snowman christmas tree
  • Hat- For the snowman we found a tall top hat at a discount store. For the snowwoman we used a vintage hat that belonged to my great grandmother, and then added a little bling to it. For the baby we used the hat that came with the head. (see below)
Hat for Mrs Snowman Christmas tree
  • Button- for the buttons on all of them I just used solid black Christmas ornaments. The ones on the snowman were 150mm. The snow women and the baby’s were 120mm.
  • Scarfs- for the 2 big ones I used a strip of the fabric (see below) and on the womans I layered a black & white feather boa on top of it. For the baby I used a black sheer table runner.
sample of fabric for snowman christmas tree

Now What….

  1. So first shape the tree into spheres if desired (I omitted this step)
  2. Add buttons
  3. Add the arms. I secured my arms by wrapping tree branches around the arms for stability.
  4. Add the scarfs. Do this before the head so you can get them tucked up under there.
  5. Place the head on top. If you can’t find a pre-made here like we did, you can make your own. Try using one of the hard plastic orange pumpkins used for trick or treating. Paint it white and add your face.
  6. Place hat on head, you may need to attach to head before placing head but it will depend on what you’re using.
  7. Finish it off. To finish for the party I spread out cotton batting to get that snow like appearance and added some silver ornaments and silver glitter floral pieces for some glitz.

When planning you snowman and/or family, pick a theme and run with it. Do you like a rustic/country Christmas?? Use burlap accents and try adding boots under the tree for legs. Add in a cowboy hat and you have yourself a country snowman.

I hope everyone has fun time creating your snowman. And here are a few other pictures from the party that day. This article is a reprint from my flower shop blog, follow the store blog.

Tarrah at Enchanted

Entry piece it was the companies 25th Anniversary
One of the arrangements on a bar high table
manzanita trees
Our rental manzanita trees, in the urns they are over 7′ tall
wrought iron tree lighted
Our iron trees with lights and flowers added, they are 5′

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