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All About Me, Tarrah Wright

My name is Tarrah Wright Palmer. I have a wonderful loving husband who blindly supports me in everything I do. We have two children together who are 19 months apart, I know what was I thinking. I also have three step children, so our house is crazy with just this alone.

I help manage our family flower shop, Enchanted Florist of Pasadena, Texas. My responsibilities there are endless, bookkeeping, social media, advertising, displaying, buying, sales, customer relations, employee relations, this list is endless. Let’s just say that with all that, I don’t design the flowers too often.

After being pregnant for almost three years straight, I started off with having about 100 lbs to lose. I ate everything in site while I was pregnant with number 1 and boy do I regret it now. So I start the long journey of losing weight. My one saving grace in this venture is I have found Plexus Slim, an all natural appetite suppressant, and it’s wonderful.

I absolutely love good food, cooking and baking bring me joy. I’m always looking for better recipes, using less preservatives, and making time saving steps so that I can spem more time with my family. I plan to dive into the world of freezer cooking, crockpot cooking, and homemade mixes as well to get my family eating healthy family, and save time during the hectic work week.

This blog follows my hectic life of being a working mom and wife. I cover some great tips and trends we see in the flower shop, my weight loss journey, and all things food. I can’t sit still and that’s a good thing for you, my readers because I always have something to talk about, and I’m always busy.

In addition to working at Enchanted Florist and writing a blog for the store, doing my mom and wife thing, I’ve been selling Mary Kay Cosmetics for 6 years too. No pushy sells person here, I mainly sell it because I can’t stand to pay retail for anything. But feel free to check out my website or let me know if you would like a catalog and free samples.

Read and Enjoy!! Tarrah Wright

UPDATE: After starting my journey to lose weight, I discovered Plexus Slim. If you think you would benefit from losing weight or making money, check our my Plexus website for more information.